St. Johns, Newfoundland, night one.

I arrived into Newfoundland at 3am and got a ride from the airport to the hotel from Nate’s mother-in-law (who flew in on my flight) and her sisters. Their family is from Newfoundland, so in addition to it being exciting to play a new town we haven’t been to before, there is a little extra excitement since we have a family connection there. Nate was in St. Johns a few years ago and kept telling us we had to get the band up there. Well, here we are. St. John’s is like a mix of New England, San Fransisco, Scotland, and New Orleans. The New Orleans vibe comes from the number of bars in town (lots of boozing) and the massive music appreciation that thrives in the town. People are out busking just about even block, and there are some great players there.
Our show the first night was the second show that went on sale, as the first one sold out in a couple of minutes. The crowd was really rearing to go. We managed to squeeze on stage and from the get go the night was on full bore. We had managed to get a new song worked out during sound check from Speed of Darkness, so we played that for the St. John’s crowd. It’s a song called Heart of the Sea, and it was inspired by a book of the same name about the sinking of the whaleship Essex (the story of that had originally inspired Herman Melville’s Moby Dick). It’s always great to get new songs into the setlist and the crowd seemed to really like it. We played Black Friday Rule as well, which we haven’t done in a while. All in all the show was fantastic, with a great crowd of fantastic dancers. Not that we had expected anything less from the Newfoundlanders.

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  1. Steph says:

    Thanks for coming Bob! It was amazing! Saturday night was the best night ever without a doubt! I can’t wait for you guys to come back!