Sound Acadamy, Toronto, Ontario

Hey all, today is the last show we’re headlining before we head off to support Rise Against for their Canadian tour. This is the last show we’ve got on this tour with the Stanfields, who have been a great opener, and the first we’re doing with the Black Pacific, who’ll stay with us for the rest of the Canadian run.
Sound Acadamy is a great venue, but it’s pretty much in the sticks, so there’s not much to do there. It also always seems to be raining when we go there, so that further limits out ability to get out and about. It just gave us more time to catch up with our friends in the Black Pacific. We saw these guys last when we were at the Redding and Leeds festivals in the UK.
I got some photos of the dressing room and Dennis sound checking with the Black Pacific guys

Time to get our makeup done.

Dennis helping out BP with their sound check.

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  1. stamp price says:

    London Ontario Activists are the best! You guys all rock…